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To better serve our clients we offer a few ways to secure Hi-Quality Graphics

If YESSCORP is procuring the promotional product or medium that your graphic design, and logo/image is going on we do not charge.  That's right FREE logo creation, enhancements, editing, color changes, and resizing into different formats to be used in a variety of promotional mediums.  This is part of our standard Graphics with two proof changes when purchasing products.  Items purchased under a $300 value will receive free graphics and will only be charged $30 for the 3rd proof change and $30 for every additional proof change thereafter.   This is our most popular service.  See  Graphics with Procurement below to learn more and get started.


Graphics with Procurement - Unlimited complimentary graphics

This feature is our most popular and most used service of choice by our many clients because they love our graphic ability, talent, and graphic marketing vision.  Accommodating you with unlimited proof changes, personalized customer service, and competitive pricing.

When you let Yess Corporate Services/YESSCORP create the graphics, handle the printing, procure the products, or medium that the graphic/design is going on you will Save Time, Effort & Money.


That's right, NO CHARGE for logo/image creation, logo/image enhancements, editing, making color changes, and resizing into different formats to be used in a variety of promotional mediums.  NO CHARGE for all PROOF changes with orders over $300.  So, make as many proof changes as you need until you are totally satisfied before going into production.  This is all part of our standard Graphics with Procurement service.

We never delete your graphic files, we keep your artwork ready for future edits, revisions, or changes when you need it, at no charge to you when we are printing or procuring the product that the logo/image is being placed on. 

You can still purchase the logo/image in any file extension below.  Choose a solid background or transparency of the final approved graphic design.  Start your Graphics with Procurement.
*Items purchased under a $300 value will receive free graphics and will only be charged $30 for the 3rd proof change and $30 for every additional proof change thereafter.


Graphics Editing - Services & Fees

Our Graphic Services are at a flat rate of $75/per hr.*  A minimum of $75 for any graphic work that we complete. 
Services consist of the following work but not limited to: Logo Creation, Graphic Design, Promotional Concepts, Marketing Consulting, Advertising Consulting, Product Presentation, Sound Bites, Sentence Reduction, Research & Development, Internet Research, Data Entry, Editing, Language Translation, Fact Finding, Clarifying Vision, Defining Mission, Pin Pointing Purpose, Casting Goals, Persuasive Slogans, Tag-lines, Establish Core Values, Image Branding, and Birthing of Intellectuals Materials.
* (Custom pricing for SEO and Website Designs) all other services are charged at a flat rate of $75/per hr. Min. Fee $75.00

Below you will find the details regarding our logo/image creation and conversion services.



  1. Create logos/images from scratch.

  2. Add different colors to your logo.

  3. Separation of logo colors to maintain the integrity of your actual logo colors when silkscreening.

  4. Recreate the logo to any size, maintaining the integrity and quality of the enhanced details.

  5. Convert the combination of colors to one sharp solid color.

  6. Change the combination of colors to a variety of grayscale colors or any solid grayscale color.




  1. Create logos/images from scratch

  2. Convert your logo to a file that can be digitized.

  3. Digitization of logo for obtaining embroidery stitch count.

  4. Detailed thread separation and stitch count per thread color.

  5. If you are following our Free Digitizing Requirement (No charge or hourly fee for digitizing).



  1. Create logos/images from scratch

  2. Add different colors to your logo.

  3. Correct, sharpen, and clean up any blurs or pixelation.

  4. Convert your logo to a file that can be used for Hi-Quality Printing.

  5. Recreate your logo to any size with editing to maintain the integrity and quality of the logo details.

  6. Convert any combination of colors to one sharp solid color.

  7. Change the combination of colors to a variety of gray scales of colors or any 1 grayscale color.
    Start your Graphic Creation Today.


A’ la carte - One graphic file included:

Printing or procurement is not required.

Each service is to be purchased as a separate project one at a time as needed and each project will have a separate running clock, minimum fee of $75.  Great option when needing 1 to 3 of our services at once.  A’ la carte" can become expensive if you request 4 or more different A’ la Carte projects back to back.  In this case, we recommend our Marketing Agreement or our Graphics with Procurement.

When choosing our A la' Carte service you will receive the color combination of the final approved graphic design, at no additional cost.
You get One Hi-Res dpi file extension per logo/image in one of the following options below:

  • jpeg

  • tiff

  • ai

  • eps

  • bmp

  • pdf

  • png

  • gif)
    Pick one at no additional cost when paying for hourly graphic work ($75/min.)

  You can purchase any additional logo/image from the file extension options above with either a solid background or transparency.

 All file extensions are available (see below), and different logo/image color options are available at a fee.

  • Logo/image in different colors

  • 3D enhancements

  • Outlines only (when possible)

  • One solid color

  • Solid black

  • Grayscale

    Start your A'la Carte Project.


Branding/Marketing Agreement - Includes all files and file extensions:
Printing or procurement is not required.

Perfect for start-up businesses or when you want to re-branding your logo across many intellectual materials including all paper and vinyl printing, promotional products, fabric embellishment, electronic & media platforms, and/or websites. 

Request 4 or more combined services to be purchased under one project and receive a reduced price because the combined services are seen as one project with an overlapping running clock, min. fee $500, max. fee $4,000.  This is often a better Flat Rate and less expensive if you combine 4 or more different services into one project.  Branding Agreements can become expensive if you request less than 4 services in one project. 

Combining projects within a Branding
/Marketing Agreement gives a lower pre-determined price that is set in stone regardless of the extra man-hours invested as opposed to the A' la carte projects that are billed separately
($75/per hr. ) with no time overlapping.  

Branding/Marketing Agreements will automatically revert from a combined overlapping project to ("A' la carte”) an individual $75/per hr. project if:

  1. The client removes an item or service listed in the agreed-upon combined project.

  2. If the client cancels the project before completion, work hours will revert to ("A' la carte”) individual projects.

  3. The above happens, and the custom SEO and Website Designs pricing will also revert to a flat rate of $75 per hour.
    Start your Banding/Marketing Agreement


File Extensions - Options and pricing

Avoid the $75. per hour Graphic Fee. 
You can purchase our Hi-Quality Files whether we are printing or procuring a product with your logo on it
, or not.

If we are not printing the image you are requesting, include the $30 per proof change, starting from your 3rd proof change and every proof change thereafter, plus the File Extension Fee of your choice below.
If we are printing the image
you are requesting, only include the File Extension Fee of your choice below.
Purchase any color, solid background, or transparency when transparency is included in the final Approved Graphic Design .  
Transparency can be added to your image when possible for an additional fee.

Available File Extensions,

  • jpeg

  • tiff

  • ai

  • eps

  • bmp

  • pdf

  • png

  • gif)

File Extension Fees,

  • SMALL 72dpi - Any extension ($25.00) Good for internet and website exposure.

  • MEDIUM 300dpi - jpeg, tiff, and gif extensions($45.00)  Good for small imprinted items, largest postcard size.

  • PDF Vector files 350dpi - ($55.00) Good for larger commercial printing

  • PNG Vector file 350dpi ($65.00) Good for transparent backgrounds and larger commercial printing.

  • LARGER 1750dpi - Any extension ($75.00) Good for all commercial applications and Large Format Printing, like banners and outdoor billboard signage.

Additional color combinations & file sizes are available, request your file extensions or a quote.

Note: To receive our Free Courtesy Graphic Quality Control, your Graphics has to be your company logo or graphics and YESSCORP is producing the end product to receive Free Artwork Editing.  3rd party company logos/graphics within your art layout are not included.

Graphics Best Practices

Find below some of the proactive ways you can help your projects to run smoothly.  The information below should be taken into consideration when starting your project.

  • Be clear as to what you want.

  • Make sure your project Information and goal/vision is received and communicated back to you before starting.

  • Once a project is clear and running in a designated direction, don’t change the direction, only tweak the direction to fine-tune the project.

  • Changing the design direction will incur an additional cost as a new project.

  • Approve or make changes within 48 hours of receiving your proof.

  • When making changes to your proofs, always request a new proof for approval before going to print/production.

  • Never hesitate to communicate, be proactive in saying what you desire.

  • If you communicate changes by phone, follow-up those same changes via email to

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to start your project, then rush the project. 

With YESSCORP if we are creating a new graphic or logo we try as much as possible to eliminate miscommunication and additional hourly costs by providing visual samples of the finished project before starting, and an approval process via email from the client before moving forward at every stage of development, completion, and final approval.  

When applicable we will provide creative samples to show a client what we believe is a better look, a needed enhancement, better wording for comprehension and reaction, or a better direction for clarity at each stage of the project. Everything we do is dedicated to a mutual result, a finished graphic creation that all can be proud of.

If your finished product does not match your final approved artwork, we will reprint it at no additional cost to you.

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A'la carte
Graphics w Procurement
File Extention
Marketing Agreement
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Silk Screening Graphics
Printing Graphics
Graphics Best Practice
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