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Mail Service $225 per 1K


You have options with our mailing services:

We can print it, and you do the stuffing and mailing.
We can print it and stuff, and you can do the mailing.

We can print it and stuff, and do the turn-key service,
Saving you...Time, Effort & Money!


For as little as $0.83 per piece including the cost of printing any size postcard Full Color 1 or 2-sided printing up to 6x11 postcard size, which is the max. acceptable as EDDM by USPS, and the complete Mail-house Service Fees are included.

We beat all of our competitor's pricing by a long shot.  To choose your National zip codes for mailing
Click Choose My Zip Codes then click on the START HERE map in the center of the new window.  Then type in your zip code in the field at the top and press search.  This will give you the total of Every Door Direct Mail quantity in that zip code area.  You can add or delete each neighborhood to change the total amount.

Start your Direct Mail or EDDM Project by clicking HERE and provide the details for your mailing desires, or call the number below. 

For Immediate answers to your questions: Call 214-882-1074


Better is here...

Take advantage of our continuously updated direct mail lists that are designed to assist you in...

  • Targeting your market

  • Growing your sales

  • Increasing your profits

  • Getting your message out to the masses.

Whether you're new to direct mail marketing or a seasoned pro, our mailing list consultants have the knowledge and expertise to help you select the right business list or consumer list for your specific needs and budget.  We can customize the list to target your direct mailing to:

  • Businesses

  • Consumers

  • Income Bracket

  • New Homeowner

  • People Who Rent

  • Physicians/Medical

  • Residential Occupant Status

  • Specialty List

  • And Much More

Start doing better today.

Ask Us Anything!

If you have a vision, a goal, that you want to bring to life regarding promoting your business products or services for a launch, special event, business growth, finding a product to promote your business, or any other marketing and advertising needs.

YESS!  We have an answer


  • FREE Graphic Designs

  • FREE Digitizing & Embroidery

  • FREE Silk Screen/Screen Printing

IDEAS, and MORE!  

Submit your Project Request below
Or call us at  469-560-1044

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