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Real Authentic Testimonials

Hear what our satisfied clients have to say!

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"Frito-Lay and PepsiCo appreciated your assistance and support in our United Way Campaign, we attempted to create fun and energetic events to encourage our associates to contribute to the support of the Greater Dallas United Way.  Frito-Lay and Pepsi Co contributed almost $2,000,000 to the United Way this year.

James, thank you for your help with the Frito-Lay fundraising efforts.  You leveraged your business partnerships in gathering contributions of gifts to use for our on-line United Way auction.  We publicized the names of all businesses that contributed prizes for the campaign throughout the Metroplex to our employees.  I truly wanted to recognize your generosity and goodwill and hope that our associates will continue to patronize your business and business partners.

James, you were excellent to work with and were very innovative in your approach to marketing.  I look forward to working with you again!"


Jim Schnyder

Manager, Staffing and Diversity (Frito-Lay)

Frito Lay
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I can’t say enough about YESS Corp.  They are truly a One-Stop-Spot for all of our marketing needs.  The YESS Corp team of professionals created my logo, and all Brand marketing materials.


They even spearheaded an Open House Event for our Grand Opening.  It was a huge success with food, music, bounce house fun, and games for kids.  The free exams for the family's strategy produced a noticeable amount of people that transitioned into regular patients. (Good ROI)


What is so awesome is that their company name “YESS” fits them perfectly, because from my experience nothing is impossible for them.   

They will find a way to make it happen. 


I remember we needed our logo on the building.  We could not get a sign permit because the building and wiring were older.  We were having challenges with getting our electrical system fixed.

We gave the project to YESS Corp, they ran the wiring, built our sign, and installed it.  Any other company would have given up or charged me an arm and a leg.  James' leadership and commitment treated the project like it was his personal business, making sure it got done no matter what it took.


As I said from the beginning, I can’t say enough about YESS Corp.

Dr. Chuck Osuagwu MD

Board Certified Internal Medicine


Dr. Chuck Osuagwu White Signature

To whom it may concern, It is my pleasure to give this testimonial. 


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mr. Sullivan’s business since 2013.  A mutual friend referred me to him, and I never ceased to be grateful to the mutual friend for such a great referral.  Before meeting Mr. Sullivan, I’ve had So many bad experiences ranging from companies not keeping up with their promise to deliver on time to companies not providing anything after taking your money.


This is the only time in my professional life that I’m working with a company that is Very reliable, Very dependable, and Very professional. Mr. Sullivan is very courteous and is always working for the best interest of the customer.  He has excellent marketing hints, which he freely offers to help customers grow their businesses. 


In addition to the superb customer service, this company produces nothing but the highest quality of any products or services they offer. 
I strongly recommend them for superior customer service and top quality products. 


The best of success to you.

3rd Pristine Home Health Services SIGNAT

Jonathan Adjetey



4th Rehab4Work logo.png

Dear business owner, 


Rehab 4 Work was established in 2014, and we approached YESS Corp in 2015 to create a logo and branding of all our company assets.


It was a pleasure working with James and his team, who executed my vision exceptionally well.  I love how they were able to intertwine the little men “doing rehab” within our logo lettering.


That’s a really cool feature.  None of my competitors have that uniqueness about their logo.  The wording and logo are catchy.  It sticks with you because the logo tells the story of what we do.


Rarely are you able to find a company to nail exactly what you want, and they brought it to life the first time around.


Years later, I’m still very, very happy with the logo, and the way the information appears.  


Bright and vibrant colors that look great on billboards, in lights, on-line, and on other intellectual assets.


I highly recommend Yess Corp’s many services to any business owner.


Yess Corp is the one place to get it all done right, the first time.


Kenya Trammell  

V.P. of Claims & Business Development

Dr. Rabil
5th Rabile Family Dentistry logo.png

Hello, my name is Dr. Hodan Rabile and I have been working with James over 6 years now.  James has been helping me printing all my marketing stationery, my signs, and my postcard mailing.


He is very helpful in everything he does.  James is a people person who will go to extra miles to make your life easier.


He is punctual and dependable.  His customer service is excellent and if things don’t go the way you expected, he makes it better than right.


I would recommend James’s service at Yess Corp, anyone, I know or care to benefit James’s services and get to know a good human being.


I’m looking forward in continuing working with him in the coming years.


Dr. Hodan Rabile and staff

5th Rabile Family Dentistry

Rabile Family Dentistry  5330 N.Macarthur Blvd Ste 150  Irving, Tx. 75038   -   972-756-9557

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