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To offer anything as a Value “all the time” is BETTER,
and overtime better becomes commonly expected, which is now Good.

So once in a while throw some Val’uO into your Value.  VAO, our abbreviation for (Value Added Offer). 

This is huge if you can make it permanent.  Even If you can only extend a VAO for a limited time, it will:

  • Stimulate more business

  • Show appreciation to your clientele, and

  • Demonstrate your ability to make your Good, BETTER 


If you can find a way to offer VAO to increase your value from time to time, over time your customers will naturally start to perceive you as not just good, but BETTER!

The APPLE Company brings the VAO to the TABOA, all the time. 
The Attitude, Better Over All
(not over others).
TABOA, over what you offer in products, services, and the overall experience your clientele receives when interacting with your company.

Start doing better today.

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